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Su has made our “home away from home” in Rancho Mirage a breeze to deal with.  Each time we arrive, it’s waiting clean as a whistle, AC on, car washed and gassed, everything perfect.  Should there be a minor repair needed or a window washed, Su seems to have an endless cadre of qualified staff who fix it quickly, unobtrusively.  She’ll even help us get our smog checks every other year.  We recommend Su 100%.  We had others “managing” our property before we were recommended to Su and don’t make that mistake….we had major problems in the past.  Su is not only a great person, she is totally professional, accessible, thorough and accommodating.  You’d be a fool to try someone else, honestly.  She’s become “family”.


                                                                                                                        Scott Dean
                                                                                                                        Ron Calvert
                                                                                                                        Maui, Hawaii

Su Small has taken care of my house in my absence for many years and has done an outstanding job.   She keeps everything running smoothly and sees that repairs are taken care of in addition to  having the house cleaned/windows washed when necessary.  She also has caterers when we need them for our large family reunions and sees that the house is stocked with food (my list) when we come down.  I absolutely  love her!!!

                                                                                                                       Ruth Peck
                                                                                                                       Long Beach, California

Letter of Reference

Susan Small
Behind the Scenes Management


Too whom it may concern


Su Small has been handling the management of my home at 29 Clancy Lane for over three years now. She has overseen a maze of wide ranging projects at this home.

From keeping track of the pool guy, the gardening crew, the house keeping, the mailing of mail back to me, the construction of 5 car garage, new wine cellar, total remodel including floor coverings, repainting, polishing of marble floors, electrical, plumbing, furniture cleaning inside, recovering of all out side patio furniture and cabinetry.

Additionally she flush's all the toilets, makes sure the insect sprayer, garage flooring and everything else I can't remember. Absolute 100% service at it's finest.

While all my workers are responsible they absolutely need someone to schedule and inspect all work prior to payment the services.

I was in the management business for 40 years prior to my retirement in 2007. I could not recommend anyone to offer better services than Su Small and her company.



                                                                                                                       Richard A Fuller
                                                                                                                       Sitka, Alaska

We have been using Su Small's service for at least the past 13 years.  As out of state home owners we know that we couldn't have a townhouse with Su's great help!  She and her staff check our home regularly every month and take care of any problems in great order.  When we are at our home, she always checks on us and sees to any problem we might have.  On top of all the fine service, Su Small is one of the nicest caring people we know!                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                  Gates and Daisy Minnick
                                                                                                                                  Lincoln, Nebraska

As an attorney out on the coast representing a European trust company that was the owner of a home there in the Palm Springs area, it was essential that I could rely on a property manager that was responsive to my requests, efficient, honest and professional.  Susan was all of those things and more.  Needed repairs were made in a timely fashion and the property was well taken care of.  I would recommend her services to anyone having a home that needs to be looked after.


                                                                                                                   Dwight J. Griffith, attorney at law

Su has been looking after my condo in Rancho Mirage for about seven years.  What a comfort and relief it is to know that when I leave for the summer, I can count on Su to cover every facet of the maintenance required to keep a place in tip-top shape.  


Su is reliable, personable, knowledgeable, and capable.  (She also has become a dear friend)  She takes care of my packed car when it arrives for the season, and sees that it is shipped out in a timely fashion.  She takes me to and from the airport, and picks up incoming friends and their luggage and brings them to me.  


An added bonus is that when I completely gutted my condo and remodeled it, it was her husband Mike, who did all of the construction.  I gave him a detailed list of what I wanted and left town.  He would call occasionally for a check or confirm something, and we did it completely long distance. When I returned, I was stunned at the magnificent job he had done.


Suffice it to say, that is an added bonus Su has.  She has him for a backup for things she can't handle in her role of maintenance.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  

                                                                                                        Zelda Neher 
                                                                                                        Denver, Colorado

Su takes pride in what she does and truly cares about her people.
When she says that she will take care of something, you may rest assured that it will be done efficiently, correctly, and in the most professional manner.
If a problem has ever arisen, she has proven to be extremely resourceful in finding the solution.

Su is the first person to whom we feel 100% confident entrusting our home.

                                                                                                                Bruce and Kris Rose
                                                                                                                Vancouver, Washington

To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing this letter to recommend Su Small, who is the owner of “Behind The Scenes”.

We have had Su taking care of our Rancho Mirage home for a couple of years now. Our home is 8000 square feet and located on an acre of land.  It is a lot to look after, along with three cars. Su manages all our service contractors, looks after the house on a weekly basis during the summer months when we are absent, and she takes care of anything that comes up. Su arranges for housekeepers to come in to clean. The women do an excellent job. We feel confident that our house, pool, yard and autos are being looked after. When things come up, which they always do, Su takes care of it.

We are grateful to have someone who cares about our home and handles all aspects of it while we are gone.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



                                                                                          Marsha and David Ederer

                                                                                                    Seattle, Washington


We have had Su looking after our home for the last four years and could not imagine using anyone else.  Prior to finding Su we had a bigger home management company that looked our house for 2 years, but found them strongly lacking….nothing was getting done properly or in a timely manner.  Su looks after our home like it was her own.  She pays attention to all the details, big and small (no pun intended).  We have “peace of mind”, when we are gone from our home for months at a time, knowing it is in very capable hands.  Behind The Scenes Management Services is absolutely the valleys best home management services and we are very thankful that we found her.


                                                                                                            Tony and Tracy Auchter

                                                                                        Haida Gwaii, British Columbia






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